Healthy Poker CEO

Healthy Poker LLC is looking for a CEO-entrepreneur.

HP’s mission is to be the highest quality and most comprehensive site on poker and health.  This is not just for the sake of a healthier poker community, but also for the relationship between health, mindset, focus and performance at the highest levels in poker.  It has content expertise on nutrition, fitness, mindset, taxation and life coaching.

The vision for the business, currently, is to grow it to $1m in revenue by end 2013 and prepare it for sale by 2015.

During the last years, it has been the part-time focus of Paul Gibbons – serial entrepreneur, writer, and poker pro.  It has had very modest injections of time and capital due to his other commitments.  He realizes that it requires the energy and skills of an entrepreneurial individual willing to devote considerable time to realizing the vision.

The new CEO will be given a substantially free hand to take the business where he/she sees fit.

This is an opportunity to secure a substantial equity holding, perhaps eventually a majority equity holding in an exciting business with a powerful mission.  As with most start-ups, financing growth is an urgent priority and most of the CEO’s compensation will come from equity, and from profits generated by the business.

Those interested should contact Paul Gibbons – for further information.